Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

When you partner with Axeleos, you get straightforward, personalized, and tailored guidance for navigating the complexities of the modern technological landscape. Regardless of whether you’re just considering cloud adoption, or if you’re already established in the cloud, we can help.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Let’s find out if you’re ready for the cloud! In this engagement, we’ll analyze your current IT landscape to determine your level of readiness to migrate to the cloud. We’ll assess every major aspect of your environment and offer advice on what changes you might need to make before you start migrating to the cloud.

Our assessment was developed in alignment with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), so your assessment and the associated deliverables will be in line with well-documented Microsoft best practices.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Deliverables.  The following is a list of the documents you will receive at the end of the engagement.
    • Audit & breakdown of your current application workloads and resource utilization data.
    • Detailed cloud readiness report with recommended courses of action for migration.
    • In-depth total cost of ownership (TCO) and cloud spend estimates. We will also include any potential savings that could potentially be realized by right-sizing software licensing.
    • Migration plan which will provide detail around timelines, costs, and any identified risks.
  • Focus Areas.  As we work through your assessment, our Azure expert consultants will keep the following key areas in mind:
    • Risk Management & Mitigation.  Considering risk at the outset of your cloud adoption journey will allow your organization to be well-positioned to adequately mitigate as much risk as possible as you migrate your workloads to Azure.
    • Cost Control & Governance.  Improperly configured cloud resources can lead to thousands of wasted dollars.  Throughout the assessment, we will ensure that you’re optimizing your cloud spend without sacrificing performance.
    • Security & Compliance.  Almost every organization is subject to one or more regulatory frameworks such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc.  We’ll keep security in mind at every step in the process to ensure you’re meeting compliance benchmarks.
    • Operational Integration.  Moving to the cloud frequently requires modifications to your existing internal processes.  Making sure that you maintain proper operational processes will be a top priority as we work through your assessment.


Migrating to the cloud can be costly, but cost shouldn’t be prohibitive.  Axeleos offers very competitive pricing for the Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment: $3,500 $1,500

Cloud Adoption Engagement

If you’ve completed a readiness assessment (whether with Axeleos or externally) and you’re ready to begin migrating, then our Cloud Adoption Engagement is right for you.  In this engagement with our Azure expert consultants, we’ll implement your customized Azure Landing Zone, which is an environment for hosting your workloads pre-provisioned through code. We’ll also work with you to determine the initial workload you wish to migrate to Azure, giving you an end-to-end perspective regarding the process involved in doing an actual migration.

The adoption engagement will provide the following best practices for your landing zone build-out:

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM).  The cornerstone of any IT ecosystem is provisioning appropriate access & authorization practices.  We’ll go over IAM best practices and help you set up access policies that allow your users to be productive while aligning with proper access control processes.
  • Security & Compliance.  Throughout the build-out of your landing zone and migrating your initial workload, security & compliance will be at the forefront of the engagement.  We’ll make sure your Azure environment adheres to industry best practices as well as comply with your internal security posture.
  • Optimization & Governance.  During your landing zone build-out, we’ll go in-depth on how to manage cost, set budgets, and configure alerts to help you stay ahead of any potential cost overruns.  We’ll also get you set up with proper monitoring & alerting of your resources to make sure you get the type of visibility you need into your Azure ecosystem.
  • Network Communication & Configuration.  You can’t do much in Azure (or any IT environment) without networking.  We’ll set up an optimized network configuration that will allow you to connect your Azure resources to your on-prem environment efficiently and securely.

Once your Azure Landing Zone has been configured, but before we migrate your initial workload, we’ll do an operations process posture evaluation.  We’ll discuss your current processes surrounding monitoring and advanced management, with a focus on what KPIs you currently review for your existing environment.  We’ll work together to build a set of recommendations for modifying processes as needed to ensure you’re getting the insight required to continue running your technology stack.


Azure Cloud Adoption Engagement: $5,000 $3,500

Audit & Review of Existing Azure Environment

If you’re already running one or more workloads in Azure, we can perform an audit & review of the environment.  Using Microsoft best practices, including the Cloud Architecture Framework (CAF) and Well-Architected Framework (WAF), we will perform a full, end-to-end review of your environment and provide a report at the conclusion of the engagement with recommendations for modifications to the environment.  Depending on how your Azure environment was initially deployed, there may be many findings or just a few.  Either way, we’ll provide detailed information on our findings and give you a plan of action on what findings to tackle first.


Audit & Review of Existing Azure Environment: $2,500 $1,500

Azure Accelerator Add-ons

There’s so much more to the cloud journey than assessing readiness, migrating an initial workload, or reviewing an existing implementation.  That’s why Axeleos offers Azure Accelerator Add-ons, which are a-la-carte engagements that are more specialized and focused on one specific area within Azure.

Accelerator Add-on



Azure Foundational Training

This one-day engagement will go through the fundamentals of Azure.  It will include how to navigate around Azure, how to deploy common resources, how to review and manage cost & budgets, and more.


Disaster Recovery / Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

This add-on engagement will review the disaster recovery options available with Azure, namely Azure Site Recovery.  We will review the functionality and process of ASR, build out the resources necessary for ASR, configure a workload set to replicate using ASR, and optionally perform a test failover to demonstrate the functionality.


Advanced Security

This three-day engagement will review advanced security functionality in Azure, including Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center, and incident identification and remediation.  We’ll configure Sentinel & Security Center, and set up alerting and reporting so you can stay on top of potential security issues.


Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) PoC

If you’re thinking about moving to a hosted VDI solution for your workforce, an AVD proof-of-concept implementation will give you the opportunity to see what the platform can offer in terms of hosted desktops.  In this two-week engagement, we will build out the AVD infrastructure, integrate it into your existing Azure Landing Zone, and configure up to 3 “golden images” from which all hosted desktops will be deployed.


Custom Add-on

Do you have a unique scenario or business case that isn't listed here? Axeleos can still help! Contact us to schedule a free consultation call, where you can explain your requirements.


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