Assess Your HIPAA Compliance Today!

Take a moment to evaluate your organization's HIPAA compliance posture with our online assessment tool. Answer a series of questions to gain valuable insights into your current state of compliance.  This assessment tool was designed for the busy practitioner, practice manager, or compliance officer and should take you less than five minutes to complete.

Please note that while this questionnaire provides a preliminary assessment, it is not exhaustive enough to comprehensively address your organization's compliance posture.  The results at the end of the questionnaire do not constitute an official determination of your HIPAA compliance.

For a thorough evaluation, we recommend contacting Axeleos to discuss engaging our experts for a comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment and analysis. Our experienced team will identify any gaps in your compliance program and provide tailored recommendations to strengthen your data security measures.

Your Privacy Matters

We respect your privacy and take the confidentiality of your information seriously. The results of the questionnaire and any contact information you choose to share will never be disclosed to any third party, at any time, for any purpose. Your data security and privacy are our top priorities.